At the recent Driving Innovative Workforce Enablement with Windows Phone event, the audience was given an exclusive sneak preview of what’s to come on the Windows Phone platform.

Held at Nokia’s London headquarters in Paddington on March 6th 2014, the event was joint-hosted by TBS Enterprise Mobility, Vodafone, Nokia and Microsoft, with experts from each organisation sharing their insider knowledge to a packed auditorium. 

A whitepaper detailing the topics discussed at the event has been produced, and can be downloaded here.

During the event, delegates got a glimpse of some of the exciting new developments in store when the eagerly anticipated Windows Phone Enterprise Feature Pack is launched by Microsoft this summer. 

The event chairman was Steve Reynolds, president of the Mobile Data Association and managing director of TBS Enterprise Mobility, commenting: “The event was an overwhelming success, we had a great turn out with every seat in the room taken. This reflects the level of interest from businesses in the opportunities arising from Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and the increasing number of business looking to mobilise their workforces or update their existing mobilisation strategies.”

A cross-section of industry was represented by delegates at the event, which included household names and blue chip companies. Attendees got insights on a wide range of topics, including the current drivers of enterprise mobility, mobile applications for business, emerging disruptive technologies such as IoT, Nokia’s devices strategy, the Windows Phone 8 business offering and the benefits of managed mobility. 

An innovative real-world use case was offered by UKDN Waterflow, with IT director Mark Cooper sharing their story of deploying smartphones to field-based engineers in an interactive session with the audience.  

Steve concluded: “The experts were dealt some challenging questions by the audience during the panel sessions and the buzz continued into the networking period afterwards. We’re already planning our next event which will be held in Manchester in the not so distant future. Watch this space for more details.”

If you’re interested in more information or guidance on your mobile strategy, download the event whitepaper